Entering Goa with a pet

As is still the case in most parts of India, rabies used to be a problem in the unvaccinated roaming dog population in Goa. In 2015, the state of Goa decided to fight rabies and eliminate it from the state. After continuous wide-spread mass dog vaccination, the number of rabies cases is now close to zero.

A huge effort is now underway to maintain rabies control and we need your cooperation to keep Goa free from rabies.

If you are entering Goa for a holiday, moving here or just passing through, please make sure:

  1. Your pet dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies (vaccination against other diseases is recommended, but rabies vaccination of all dogs is compulsory in Goa).

  2. That the rabies vaccination was administered within one year of the date of entry into the state.

  3. All pets entering Goa must be registered by calling our rabies hotline (7744029586) to provide details of your pet.

  4. If your pet is not vaccinated we can arrange for free rabies vaccination.